My Father is a Skeleton part I: Johnny Thunder (unformatted repost)

Little Suzie Sacramento didn’t know that her father was actually a Skeleton.

She brought home her Spring Fling date to meet him.  His name was Johnny

Thunder.  He was a well-known player.  Skeleton Saramento sent out his

invisible hellbeasts to gather inforation on him whilst he and Suzie

copulated in her room.  When they returned with the information that he only

ever wanted one thing, he burst down Suzie’s door.

“AHHHHH, DAD!” she screamed, naked, as Johnny Thunder jumped out the window.


“DAD NO I LOVE HIM” cried Suzie

IT’S TOO LATE, THE RITUAL HAS BEEN COMPLETED.  and then he cut his hand or

something.  and the bone marrorow fell to th edelight of the hellbeats

they CHAESED after Johny Lighting as he road his motorcycle, which is like a

car, but with 2 wheels and is thinner.

“YOU CAN’T CATCH ME EVER” he laughed as he road into the knight.

THE KNIGHT was here to Kill Johnny though, even tough he looked like a

police officer!  IT WAS SKELETON’S SACO’S minion-general.

he ripped of Johnny’s Thunderbolt’s head and blood and neck bits flew

everywhere, all over.  the ground was filled with blood and the hellbeasts

devoured his body.

“Dad I forive you said Suzie as she arised on the cene.

“I know you do sweaty” cried skeleton as he wept with love.\

Suzie’s next boyfiend was a skelteon like Skeleton but WAS EVIL and thats  a sequal!

The End.

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