My Father is a Skeleton part III: The Skeleton Doctor is In



because we didnt use Protection condoms becaus u wou;dnht let me by any and because Johnny thunder is POOR weeped Suzie


“this is a TERRIBEL” Sacramento roared skeleton babies cant be aborted!!!!!!


THE BABIE IS ONLY 1/4 SKELETON , EXplaineded Skeleton Boss smartly, becaus he was was stil lthere


or have you forgotten?


“No, i have no forgoten skeleton boss” replyed Skeleton Sacarmento ” i remmebmer my wife well.  she was a lovely human


but the doesnt not change tht the baby has some skelkeon bloode.  i wlll not let my daughter risk angering the bone fetus


“I want to have it anyway” chimed suzey


everyone gasped wih the shocking surprise


“WHAT” they gapsed


I want to give it to skelton boss for killisings his son.  she explaned.


i aprcreated your kinde offer suzie scarameno, but “NO” skeleton boss said, that baby was made from your own love nd you sould keep it for yourself


“In that case i dont want it” said zuzie.


every one laguhed.


but we still cant risk it Dr. Skeleton MD said who has just arised on the scene and was running teh tests now.


“Skeleton fetuses are very diffuclt to aborted and can make them try to escape and death the mother!!’ he sauid


ENOGUH OF THIS Johnny Thunder slammed his ghost fists down.


I dont want suzise to be killded.  isnt there anything we can do without vaving the bebiy???  he asked iwith curiusness


there is one thing said the Dr. Dekelton …….. we can prefrom a n M-SECTION




we can tranfser the baby elsewhare with DARK MAGIKS.  he exclamed out loudy


but carefuly is required.  and then he began prebaring.  and then ther ewas a BANG ON THE DOOR


“WHO IS IT” YELED Skeleton Sacramento




Johnny Thunder yelled back ITS MY SON


and then Dr. Skeleton said its actualy a girl skeleton so they apolgized to him


NO, JOHNNY THUNDER, I ALSO HAD SEX WIHH SUZIE CRABGRASS wait no that’s from ned’s declassifed school survival guide, I HAD SEX WITH SUZIE SKELINGTON


‘THATS NOT EVEN MY NAME” cried suzie, crying




“Ist it trueth ?! questioned Johnny, hurt


‘JOhnny,we weret togeher at the time, im sorry!  and he had this moonbase that was realy romantics!!!” she mooped


“im rally sad but i understand said THunder, but ITS STIL LMY Son-DUAHGTER i mean”


NO WE DONT KNOW THAT YET said Dr. Skeleton, we must take a DNA test, but we CANT NOW BEScause he baby has been transfered to another person!!!!  i was peroming the ritual whyl everyon was arguning!  im a profesional!!


NO NOW WE’LL NEVER NO Howled skeleton boy


“Is there any way of finding out who the skeleton baby was transfered to?!” beged johnny hunder


Yes, it si weasy, but it required engreadints that i DONT HAVE!!!  he said


“Where can we find” said Skeleton Sacramento solomly


………………………………………………………………………………….Hell. said Dr. Skeleon MD.

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