My Father’s a Skeleton part I of part IV: TO HELL AND BACK

Dr. Skeleton, hoiw are we suposed to be going to hell!?  demanded the Skeleton Boss


HELl’s cLOSED on the weekends!!!!! he foretold


you dont undertansd assured Dr. Skelton I cam do im a doctor.  i can get in but ill ned helop carrying the ingredants


“Ill go.” insissted Johnny Thunder


Dont be stupid, said dr. skelteton my “my diagnositic is that ur a gohst and unable to be liefting things.”


that s the price i paid said Johnny darkly


who can come to cary the things insisted doctor ghosts


i wil lsend THE KNIGHT to hepl us!!  he is stronger very much said Skeleton Sacramentoo


POFF, and the n the night was there sudnelty I AM HERE TO SERVE he commanded


and then the went to hell.


the hell door was guarded by a securty gard with 2 headas the first hed was friendly and the second was an asshole


Dr. Skeleton said they neded things and they gotted let in, but then a CHALLENGER APARED


IT IS ME, said Dr. Goblin, I AM UR NEMESI


i alrady now that idiot said skelton doctor, are you thinking incorectly?


im not leting u by until u admit that im the better dotor, croked the gobln doctor


“NO, I WILL NOT” yeled skeleton doctr and punched him in the nose they began to brawl right there


NOT SO FAST ANy of this! yeleld SATAN and than SATAN was there


he yeled very loadly: I AM in chargeof this place and go away or DIE”


I WIll STOP him or slow him d0wn said the Knight nobely adn charge satan fire and fire was ecverywhere adn they could be scene no longer


goblin doctr apokolized adn helped them cary the thngs which were blue and large


lets all go know evyone yelled and they ecaped from hell


the Knight was killded by Satan and torened to peace, and satna’s hellbeastss adn monstro creatures ated the rests.  and satan yelled after tham all I WILL DESTROY THE SCARAMENOS, AND U DOCTOR SKELETON AND U DCTOR GOBLIN


johnny theunder was relaved that satan dorgot him and then satan said AND YOU TO JOHNNY LIGHTNING


“darnit” thouht johnny and they escaped before the cave colapsed


what will we do NOW said Goblin Doctor- NOTHING retorted skeleton doctor and he karate choped off goblin’s hed.


“HOW ADN WHY” asked sketlon boss


I am a Doctor of Fightning said skeleton Dr. and now let’s find out who has this baby-………. and then they did the ritaual with the blue stuf


“OH NO, The Baby is gone to Satan’s WIFE Salamandara” he saided


and theer was a bang on the do0r and satn broke through- IM GOING TO KILL EVERYONE he shouted




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