My Father is a Skeleton part II of part IV: Knights in Satan’s Sewage

“I’M HERE TO FUCKING MURDER ALL OF YOU!” yelled Satan, as he climbed through the doorway, angrily and mad.

“Everybody go.” said Skeleton Doctor with calmness and braveheart, “I will face this madman.”

“NO, we won’t leave you, Skeleton Doctor.” insisted Skeleton Boss.

“We will face him together!” agreed Skeleton Sacramento.

“Through the power of friendship, we can defeat him!” said Johnny Thunderghost, and they all put their hands in.

But Satan threw a brick at the back of Suzie’s head and she fell, maybe dead?

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Skeleton Sacramento roared, and then he threw the brick back at Satan.

“AH HA” Satan laughed as he catched the brick without a problem.  “I was on the baseball team in hell.  No one is better than me at catching and throwing things.”  And then he threw it back at Skeleton Sacramento’s head, and his head fell off.

“YOU’RE A MONSTER!” yelled Skeleton Boss as he picked up the brick and threw it at Satan again.

Satan captured the brick again and threw it back, knocking the Skeleton Boss’s leg off and he fell.

“GO, Skeleton Doctor!  Take everyone to safety!” yelled Johnny Thunder as he levitated the brick.  “Satan can’t kill me with this brick.”

“I agree.  The brick would go right through you.” Skeleton Doctor diagnosed expertly.  He put everyone on his cart and ran out the back of the house.


“I’m already dead you fucking POSER.” said Johnny, “And the name’s Johnny THUNDER.” Then he slipped on his cool guy shades to show how much business he meant.

Skeleton Doctor was pushing his hospital cart for everyone’s lives.  But he was getting tired, because it was a lot of bones to be hauling.  Suddenly a voice called out to him.

“Yo, dude!  Follow us!”

He turned around and saw KISS waving at him from a hole in the ground.  He immediately knew they were there to help him, like they always were for loyal fans.

He threw all the skeleton bones into the hole after then and fitted Suzie in because she was skinny.  He jumped in after them and the hole closed.  That’s what she said.

“We’re here to save you.” said KISS, “But first, let’s check on Johnny Thunder.” and they took out an Orb of Plot Switching and looked into it.

Satan and Johnny Rainlightningghost were in a deadlock.  No matter how many times Johnny would throw the brick, Satan would catch it and throw it back through him.  Both sides were equally matched.

“I’M SICK OF YOUR GAMES, JOHNNY LUMBER.” roared Satan with angryness, as he threw the brick again.

“Tough toenails, Satan.” grinned Johnny as the brick went right through him.  “You’ll never get past me.”

Suddenly Satan had an idea.  Johnny was a ghost.  The solution was so obvious.  He reached over for the phone.

“Who are you calling, nerd?  Your mom?” asked Johnny Badass

“NO, IDIOT.” said Satan.  and he held out the phone and yelled “SUCK!”

the phone sucked Johnny into it and Johnny was gone.

“I knew putting ghost suckers in all the phones on Earth would come in handy one day.” he laughed with evil.

NOW to be killing that Doctor and everyone else! he thought, and he ran outside where Skeleton Doctor had gone.

“UH OH, we’re in trouble now!” said KISS.

“We’ve got to keep moving” said other KISS.

“Thanks for looking out for us.” said Skeleton Sacramento’s head.

“No problem dudes.” said the first KISS, “We’re gonna bring you guys back to Kisslorian and treat your wounds.  But first we gotta pass through the SEWERS OF SORROW.”

“That sounds terrible.” said Skeleton Doctor.

“It is.” said KISS, and they began to lead the way into the Sorrow Sewers.

To Be Continued…

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