My Father is a Skeleton part III of part IV: Journey to KISSlorian

“KISS, I don’t like the looks of this at all.” said Skeleton Sacramento, who had become quite spooked by the tunnel of dark sadness they now faced.  It was dark and sad.  Very much so.

“It’s going to be fine, Sacramento.” said KISS, “We just need to think happy thoughts and keep going.  and pray we don’t run into…

“HO-HO!” laughed a booming voice from the shadows ahead of them.

“DAMMIT!” exclaimed KISS, “It’s Royvart, the Demon Barber!”

“That’s demon barbarian, KISS.”

And out stomped Royvart, the Demon Bavarian.  He was 8 foot tall and had muscles bigger than an average person’s muscles.  He was very intimidating looking.  and he was wearing a hood.  Very spooky, fits the theme.

“I am here to destroy you, KISS!” he roared.

“NO.” said KISS.

“YOU can’t stop the power of music, NOTHING CAN!” said the other KISS.

and they took out their guitars and other instruments that KISS plays and they played so good that the tunnel collapsed on Royvart.  his legs got crushed.

“OOOOOWWWWWWW!!!! you defeated me!” he WIMPered. “I’m sorry for saying I was going to destroy you.  Please help me out of the spot I now find myself in. you guys Rock!”

“We’ll send a medicine KISS to come back for you.” said KISS, and then they continued their journey.

Sacramento checked on his daughter.  “SHE’S STILL UNCONSCIOUS!” he bellowed with sadness

“I could have told you that.” diagnosed Skeleton Doctor.

“Everyone hush.  I thought I heard Satan.” said Skeleton Boss.

“YOU DID!!!!!!” yelled Satan.  He was behind them!!!!

“RUN!” yelled KISS, and they jumped on some horses that were there and started riding instead of running actually.

“We’re almost there!” cried KISS.

“ROCK OOOOOOOOOON!!!!” yelled other KISS.

and they jumped over a big hole in the ground, and the water rose up to block Satan.

“THAT’S FUCKING GROSS!” yelled Satan, and he went away for the time being.

They continued riding a bit longer and then it was there!  KISSlorian, the City of KISS.

“Lets now get you all to a doctor!” said KISS

“You fucking idiots, I’m a doctor.” said Skeleton Doctor, and he got pissed off and walked away.

“Let’s say thank you to KISS everyone.” said KISS.

“Thank you, KISS.” said everyone that was there.

“We must now prepare our soldiers for the coming war.” said another KISS.

“I smell a battle.” said Skeleton Boss.

and then Satan came bursting through the wall and yelled “YES YOU DO!!!”

to be continued…

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