Holiday Special! My Doctor is a Skeleton Who Travels Through Time part MMXII

“Where are we going?” cried Little Satan.

“Shut up, kid.  We’re going to save the world.” said Skeleton Doctor Death cockily.

He set the date destination to 2012 and they arrived instantly.  Skeleton Doctor Death put his hood up and prepared for a night of frights.

“Why are we in 2012?” asked Little Satan.

“Shut up, kid.  The planet is in grave danger from a time traveling bad guy.  Who is also a Mayan.” explained Deadly Bones.  “Also, call me Deadly Bones from now on.”

“Randy says you’re OP.” complained Little Satan.

“Shut up, kid.” said Deadly Bones, and he jumped into the sky and split an airplane in half with his leg.

he landed with the grace of a swan or a grasshopper.  and then he struck a pose.

“But how do you know all this?” inquired Little Satan skeptically?

“I’m a doctor.” explained Deadly Bones.

“That literally doesn’t answer my question at all.” said Little Satan.

Deadly Bones jumped into the sky and destroyed another airplane.

“Do you believe me now?” he asked, as the rain of fire rained down in flames.

“I do.” said Little Satan.  “Please, teach me your ways.”

“No.” said Deadly Bones.  “You and I can never be friends.  Or student and master.” and he looked away into the night with intrigue and mystery.  Half spooky, half enigmatic.

“But I want to be like you when I grow up!  I want to be a skeleton, too!” cried Little Satan.

“YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT’S LIKE” yelled Deadly Bones, and he made a really really spooky face at him, with menace.  “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE… to have to cover yourself in public.  As if my bones were something to be ashamed of!  THERE’S NO SHAME IN THESE BONES!!!”

and he ripped off his cloak and stretched out his bone-arms, and faced the sky defiantly.


“You’re so fucking great.” said Little Satan.

Deadly Bones looked down suddenly with anger.  “Don’t you ever curse again.” he said sternly.  “This world is not a place for curses.  …or bricks….” he whispered.  “BUT ENOUGH OF THIS!  it’s TIME to stop the Mayan bad guy who’s going to destroy the world!!!”

“I’M ALREADY HERE!” said a voice from behind them.  They flung around and there he was.

A 5 foot, 10 inch Mayan.  He was half naked.  and he was carrying a ceremonial dagger.

“You’re going to die, skeleton!  Just like this world!” he shrieked, and he started running toward them with wildness and crazy

Deadly Bones assumed the Flying Lotus-Bones pose.  He felt confident in his own safety, but he couldn’t help but feel worry for the young devil.

“AIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIIIII!!!!!” yelled the Mayan, and he started aiming for Little Satan.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” roared Deadly Bones, and he punched his arm in the way of the dagger, and it struck his arm bones.

“AIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIA!!!!  You can’t hope to defeat me with just one arm, skeleton!” laughed the Mayan.

“You fucking idiot, that literally did nothing to me.” said Deadly Bones.  “Except COMPLETE THE RITUAL.”

“WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” exclaimed the Mayan as they were all surrounded by hellbeasts.

“Did someone call?” asked the Knight, who appeared in a poof of dark magic.

“Yes.” said Deadly Bones.  “I’ll need this man’s corpse cleaned up after I’m done mixed martial artsing him to death.”

“Very good, sir.” said the Knight, and the hellbeasts howled with anticipation

Deadly Bones threw the knife away and the Mayan and him circled around each other.  The Mayan made a wild lunge at him, and Deadly Bones quickly dodged his swings and got a grip in the Mayan’s chest with his skeleton fingers, and flung him into the sky and into a plane.  the plane crashed.  and it rained blood and fire and

and then the hellbeasts ate all of the evidence.

“2012 is saved” announced Deadly Bones.  “I did it.”

to be continued… thanks to Deadly Bones!

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