My Doctor is a Skeleton who Travels Through Time part CCC

Skeleton Doctor fell out of the sky in the KISS time machine and fell on to Satan’s house in hell.

“Ouch.” he said. “Just kidding, I’m a badass.”

“WHO ARE YOU?!?!” screamed Mama Satan.

“I’m Doctor DEATH.”  he said menacingly, and grabbed a cloak from a nearby hamper and put the hood up.

Then he karate chopped her head in half.

“Mommy nooooooooo!!!” cried little boy Satan from the other side of the room.

“Your mom is dead, kid.” said Skeleton Doctor Death, “Now you can’t afford to go to baseball camp.”

And then he kicked Satan in the head, and he flew across the room.

“Now the Sacramento family will finally be safe.” the Doctor announced triumphantly, and returned to the time machine.  But it was broken!!!

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I’M TRAPPED IN TIME!!!!!!” he announced with devastation, “But WAIT!  I have an idea!” and he grabbed Satan’s arm and forced him over to the time machine.

“Use your devil magic to make it work!” he demanded.

“WAAAHHHHHHHHH!!  I WANT MY MOMMYYYY!!!!!” cried Little Satan.

“SHE’S DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAD!!!!” roared Doctor Death, “And you will be too if you don’t follow my demands/instructions!!!!” and then he made a spooky face at him.

Little Satan shrieked in fear and then fixed the time machine with his magic.  Skeleton Doctor Death hopped in and said, “GET IN, KID.  I’LL HAVE MORE USE FOR YOU.”

and then they were off.  In Time!

to be continued…

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