MFIAS & MDIASWTTT: The Story So Far…

-Skeleton Sacramento has Johnny Thunder killed by the Knight for sleeping with Suzie. He’s old fashioned.

-Suzie is kidnapped by her new boyfriend, Skeleton Boy, the son of Skeleton Sacramento’s boss, Skeleton Boss. Skeleton Boy is then killed by Johnny Thunder’s ghost.

-Suzie finds out that she is pregnant. She does not want the baby, so they magically transfer it to Satan’s wife with the help of Skeleton Doctor. Also, Skeleton Boy returns from the dead.

-Satan chucks a brick at the back of Suzie’s head, putting her into a coma.

-KISS saves everyone and brings them to their city, KISSlorian.

-Skeleton Doctor goes back in time to prevent Satan from joining the baseball team and becoming the master of throwing things that he currently is.

-Skeleton Doctor becomes Doctor Death and kills Satan’s mother to prevent Little Satan from being able to join the baseball team. He then kidnaps Little Satan.

-Skeleton Doctor mysteriously grows ever more powerful, and is now Deadly Bones, time-traveling skeleton mixed martial arts master.

-Deadly Bones prevents the 2012 apocalypse by flinging a time-traveling Mayan into an airplane.

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