My Bones Are Deadly: An Unanticipated Expedition part I

Deadly Bones slammed his skeleton fist on the ancient coffee table.


“I cannot give you the power to control time.  I can only help you start on your path.” replied Master Makina calmly, his silver skin shining shining in the darkness of the ancient castle’s ancient living room, the only light emitting from the plasma T.V. on the wall.

“What do I have to do?” asked Deadly Bones.

“In order to control time, there are three steps.”

“What is the first step, oh silver one?”

“First, you must… BECOME A GOD.”

“And how am I supposed to do that?” inquired Deadly Bones

“The only way for a skeleton doctor to become a god is to slay another god.” said Master Makina, “And only one skeleton has ever slayed a god…”

“Devil Skeleton” said Deadly Bones, knowingly.

“Mhmm hmm.  He slayed Wimpio, the god of weakness.  Threw him into a star.  Now, I recommend you choose a similarly weak target…”


“…Zeus?” repeated Master Makina, stunned.

“I am going to fucking kill Zeus.”

“You must be mad, skeleton.”

Deadly Bones put on his best cocky look.  But inside, he was even more confident than he appeared.  He flexed his bones.

“These bones of mine are deadly.  No man, and no god is a match for me.  I am the greatest doctor of fighting who ever lived.” he said, confidence oozing all over the place.

“Perhaps, skeleton.  But it is a long journey.  You should bring a companion with you.”

“I have no need for peasants tagging along, riding my glorious coattails.” laughed Deadly Bones

“I beg you to reconsider, skeleton.  I have no doubt that his companionship will be useful to you.”

“‘He?'” asked the badass time-traveling mma fighting skeleton doctor, “Did you have someone in mind?”

“I believe you’ve met him before, skeleton.” said Master Makina, and he signaled toward the shadow at the doorway.  A figure approached.

Deadly Bone’s eye sockets lit up.


“Did you miss me, Skeleton Doctor?”

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