Snakes On a You

You go over your girlfriend’s house for dinner.

This is the first time you’ll be meeting her parents.

You’re sitting down to eat.

There’s a bottle of Coca-Cola on the table.

You start pouring some in your glass.

You forget about the fizz.

You fuck up.

It overflows a little bit, and spills down into the table.

It’s over for you,

your goose is cooked,

stick a fork in you,

the jig is up. 

Her father starts to scream at your girlfriend.

Snakes start pouring out of his mouth, and she runs to her room.

He turns his attention to you.

He grabs you by the neck and choke slams you through the table.

The mother transforms into a giant snake. The dining room floor is covered in snakes.

Suddenly, your girlfriend’s there.

She came back for you.

She has a fire extinguisher, and sprays her parents.

She grabs your hand and leads you running to the front door, and tells you to just keep running.

You run back home, and call her. She answers.

“Hello, I am a snake now.”



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