Spooks in the Deep part V: A Bony Rebuke

Redmond stumbled pathetically through the town like a drunken buffoon.

Skeletons looked on carefully from their cabins, ready to spook this stranger in self-defense if need be.

Before he reached the edge of the town, he collapsed from exhaustion.

Asia Bones approached him.

“You’re still weak from your wounds on top of your usual weakness, Redmond. You cannot make this journey.”

“I have to.” cried Redmond. “Only I can stop the Shark Priestess.”

“That’s not true at all. Any skeleton in this town would have a better chance to succeed than you. Most human beings would have a better chance to succeed than you. You lack any of the attributes necessary to undertake a mission such as this.” said Asia Bones sternly.

“Well I have to try!” retorted Redmond.

“No, that’s not true either. What you have to do is leave this to the big bones. As I lecture you, Rasta Rick is getting in contact with Captain Redbones, the saltiest mother fucking seadog this world has ever seen. Rasta Rick, Redbones, and I will stop the Shark Priestess. You will not.”

Redmond jumped up. “You have to take me with you!”

“I will, Redmond. Because I admire your passion for adventure, despite your delicacy. But don’t you dare forget- this is not your journey. You’re coming along for the ride, nothing more. You are no match for the Shark Priestess. And don’t get your hopes up about saving your friend.”

“Yes sir.”

Asia Bones put his skelly finger to his skelly head and telepathically communicated with Rasta Rick.

“Are you ready, Rasta?”

“Ya mon, firin’ up da signal now.”

In the distance, a flare shot up into the sky.

“That’s our destination, Redmond. Let us go.”

He handed Redmond a walking stick and they took off toward the descending flare.

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