Spooks in the Deep VIII: The Boy Must Be Salty

After Redmond awoke from being spooked into unconsciousness from Captain Redbone’s red bones, he found himself on a cot in the corner of small room made of bone. Through a doorway, he could hear Asia Bones and Rasta Rick arguing with Captain Redbones.

“I ain’t havin’ no lily-livered nancy boy in my bony crew!” roared Redbones.

“He’d just be coming along for da ride, mon, it ain’t no tang butta chickun wing” retorted Rasta Rick.

“Arrrr, he’s a liability!” said Redbones, “I’m not having a piece of dead meat taking up space on this ship!”

“Then let’s cut to the chase.” interrupted Asia Bones. “What does the boy need to do to prove that he’s worthy of a spot on this crew?”

There was a pause. After a few moments, Redbones said “He’s going to have to become salty.”

For the first time, Redmond heard Rasta Rick lose his temper- there was a slamming of fists on a table, and Rasta’s voice said

“He ain’t nothin’ but a kid! Askin’ im to be salty at this time in his life be a death-sentence, mon! No, no, we won’t do it!”

“Then he’s not welcome aboard the Bone Mary, matey!” shouted Redbones.

There was another moment of pause, and Asia Bones finally said,

“Fine. We will train the boy. By this time tomorrow, he’ll be one of the saltiest goddamn sea dogs this side of the Skelington Islands.”

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