Spooks in the Deep X: The Deepening

Rasta Rick and Asia Bone accompanied Redmond on the small bone raft out from the relative safety of Redbones’ shipyard fortress.

After a good hour of Rasta Rick’s dreadlocks working like a fucking high-speed propeller, the arrived at an eerily dark expanse of open water.

Redmond knew this was their final destination; Blackfin Reef: one of the many outposts of the Shark Priestess’s army, and from what Asia Bones had told him, one of the most dangerous.

Redmond did 100 push-ups to allow himself to breathe underwater, and dove straight into the dark depths, taking with him a harpoon gun gladly provided by an impressed Captain Redbones.

Killing a shark man would seal the deal and make Redmond an official part of the skelington crew of the Queen Bones.

Rasta Rick has assured him that if he’d dive in to save him if necessary, but Redmond asked that he refrain from interfering. This was Redmond’s test of saltiness, and if he couldn’t pass it, he might as well not even be alive. Asia Bones was impressed with Redmond’s refusal, and nodded in approval and pride.

As Redmond sunk further, his horror-cat vision took effect, and he began to be able to see through the darkness of the cold water; spotting a reef shaped like a tower several metres down. He swam down to it, and was greeted by a shark who was a total asshole.



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