Spooks in the Deep Part 2 of Part X: Redmond vs The Shit-Talking Shark Man

“What’s up, bitch?” laughed the Shark Man like a total asshole.

Horror coursed through Redmond’s bones.

“I’m here to kill you, you scaly fuck.” he growled.

“BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” laughed the Shark Man. “A wimp like you? Kill ME? I am a shark man. You are nothing but a little punk bitch. Get outta here before I bite your head off, KID.”

But Redmond would not be deterred by such weak shit-talking, and he unstrapped the harpoon gun from his back, and said “Come on, fish-tits. Tomorrow’s paper has an obituary with your name on it.”

The Shark Man assumed a fighting stance “Fine, you punk-ass shit. Then have at you!” he roared, and charged Redmond head-on, mouth gaping open, prepared to tear Redmond apart.

Redmond took aim and fired Redbones’s harpoon gun through the Shark Man’s throat, sending him flying backwards and slowly floating toward the sandy floor.

“I fucking win.” laughed Redmond.

Just then, a small group of skeletons wearing red bandannas dove all around Redmond, initially startling him, before he realized that they were the crew of old Captain Redbones.

One of them spoke up.

“The sentry is dead, boys! Take the tower!” and the skellies charged into the tower, slaughtering the remaining lesser Shark Men as Redmond stood back, in awe of the attack.

Redbones himself soon appeared at Redmond’s side, holding a fucking bitchin’ pirate sword, which he presented to Redmond.

“Welcome aboard, lad.” he said grandly.

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