Spooks in the Deep XI: Blackbones’s Revenge

Redbones stood with Redmond as they watched a few of the skellie crew take up positions in the newly taken coral reef tower- a new permanent base for them. “With that reef-tower taken out, the Shark Men have lost a strong presence here. Meanwhile, our own territory grows.” explained Captain Redbones to Redmond. “You did good, matey.”

When they were back aboard the Queen Bones, Redmond was given a huge feast of bone meal.

fucking gross.

Luckily the feast was cut short, as a shout ran out from the upper deck.

“WE’RE BEING BOARDED!” roared a skellie crew member.

“All hands on deck!” shouted Redbones, as he threw his sword straight through the Captain’s quarters open door with such force, that it lodged into the skull of an attacker.

Redmond burst onto the deck, sword in hand and examined the situation.

Black-bandanna’d skellies were climbing all over the ship, as Redbones’ crew did their best to keep them back.

Asia Bones joined Redmond at his side.

“It’s the crew of Captain Blackbones.” he explained, “No doubt here to recapture their old ship.”

“Redbones stole this ship?” asked Redmond, surprised.

“They’re fucking pirates, boys.” sighed Asia Bones, as he charged into battle.

The red skellies fought bravely, but they were no match for the sheer numbers of the skellies climbing on to the ship. Asia Bones and Rasta Rick had no trouble defending themselves while keeping an eye on their young protege with their karate and magic- but at this rate, Redbones’s crew would be entirely wiped out.

Then Redbones stomped onto the scene with a massive bone mace and proceeded to defend his crew- knocking 3 or more enemies overboard with each swing; crushing all skeletons in his path.

Even with the overwhelming numbers of the attackers, with the superior fighting of Redbones and his allies, It became apparent that the battle was in a deadlock. And then, appearing from behind a guard of impressively large skellies, emerged a pitch-black skeleton, wearing the biggest fucking pirate hat Redmond had ever seen- with a feather larger than a man’s arm.

Redmond’s captain stepped into the center of the deck to meet him, skull-to-skull

“Arrrrrrrr, Captain Blackbones.” arr’d Redbones.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Captain Redbones.” arr’d Blackbones.


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