missing stalker journal- page 1

Friday, 20/3


Today was my first trip above ground. Holy shit, what a clusterfuck.

We were supposed to be searching for props for our colony’s literally underground theater. Anything, really. Make-up, toys, clothes. Kelsie said the idea was to regain a little sense of culture in our world.

You know I’ve never seen the Sun in my life, and I was so excited.

How fucking typical that it was entirely shrouded by the clouds today. Whatever; I’ve never seen clouds before, either. So I guess that’s something.

Anyway, it was me and a few of the guys- Randy, Chris, and Ray. Rob was too busy moving mulch to come.

Chris brought a backpack with some supplies and everyone but me had a shotgun; I was just carrying an empty sack to hold whatever crap we could find. Because God forbid I should be allowed to protect myself. I get that there’s a gun shortage, but come on.

I guess we weren’t expecting to need them, though. The only large wildlife the old vets ever told us about were the occasional bears- but even they never left the woods; they told us how the large beasts would come to the forest’s edge and watch them, but come no closer.

What could we have possibly been expecting in a fucking abandoned theater? Thank God we even brought any guns at all.

So we move out from the old tunnel and walk into town from the woods. We got to see a deer run by us- she was beautiful. A couple of savages came by shortly after, they must have been chasing the deer. The second they saw us, they split. We must have looked like monsters to them, with our heavy coats and gas masks.

Of course when we got to the town it started raining. We got to the theatre as fast as we could, but it was difficult because Ray’s compass started acting up for some reason.

That probably should have been our first clue.


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