Star Wars: The Fett Awakens part X

8R nudged Gundam Fett.

“Hey, remember when I said I sensed a disturbance?”

“How could I forget? It was like 20 seconds ago.”

“KAY, WELL ANYWAY I figured it out. I felt the same feeling when we first met. There’s another clone nearby.”

“That can’t possibly be true,” remarked Fett, “I’m like definitely sure that we’re the last clones of Jango in the entire galaxy.”

“KAY, WELL ANYWAY if there’s a clone in the Resistance, we owe it to him to not kill him.”

“What the hell is with the attitude? Also, if he pulls on us, we have to kill him. Remember the Bounty Hunter Code: If someone pulls on you, you have to kill him.”

“Did you just make that up?” asked 8R.

“Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a more basic concept.”

“We’re not killing him.”

“FINE, get yourself killed. If he has the supersaber, there’s no way in hell you can out-melee him,” Fett said, frustrated as hellllll.

“I won’t have to. I’ll REASON with him!” said TR-8R, ever the idealist.

“We’re here!” announced Mandalorian Chick, jumping out of the car as a grenade landed inside it.

“So hot,” set Fett as he boosted out of the window.

8R raised his riot shield just in time to be launched out the rear of the car. He scrambled to his feet, as blaster fire flew through the air around him.

“Hey man look, it’s our clone brother!” said Fett, pointing at a Resistance fighter charging their way with the horrifying supersaber, “Go talk to him like you said you would. When that doesn’t work, let me know when you want me to shoot him.”

“Alright, asshole.”

As the Mandalorian Chick and Gundam Fett held off the Resistance, TR-8R ran to meet his clone brother in battle.


to be continued…

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