Star Wars: The Fett Awakens part 4-TEEN

Supreme Mole Snokes was deader than shit. But surprise, it was actually just a Force-clone.

“It was just a Force-clone,” said Windu, as the Mole vanished in a poof of electricity.

“Yeah, I know. So who poisoned my father?” demanded Gundam Fett.

Mace Windu looked at him as if he were a fucking idiot.

“Isn’t it obvious?” he asked.

“Kay asshole. If it were that obvious I wouldn’t be asking you. A lot of people wanted my father dead.”

“Yes, but only one of them could get close enough. Your father was poisoned by the very man he was guarding- Count Dooku. With the clones already in production, Jango Fett was nothing more than a loose end.”

Shit, son.

“I could sense the poison in your father’s veins. I believe he knew that as well. He pulled a Dumbledore.”

“But why?” asked Fett.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“It’d be great if you could stop doing that.”

“He knew that driven by your lust for revenge, you’d come to me. And that I would train you to become an unstoppable force of destruction that would destroy the Sith once and for all.”

“That seems pretty convoluted.”

“Look inside yourself. You know it’s true.”

“Sure, okay. So now what?”

“I will teach you to use the Force.”

“That sounds hilarious.”

“It will be. But first we must find your Padawan, TR-8R.”

“He’s more like an apprentice.”

“No, he’s your Padawan, you’re a Jedi now.”

“No, I don’t want to be a Jedi.”

“You have to be.”



Mace Windu and Gundam Fett flew through the Heavens, beginning their search to find 8R. While Fett wasn’t looking, Mace slapped a bumper-sticker on his robot ass that said “JEDI”.



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