Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived to Die Another Day part 5. and also part 3.

Dear Reader- I lost part 3, I have no idea where it is. Basically, Hermione comes to Gringotts and sees Ron dead. She and Harry have a sex workout and then Harry kills her, because she’s a Horcrux. Then to goes to part 4, where Harry kills the Weasley family. Now here we are on part 5, where Harry’s about to shoot up Hogwarts. Let’s watch.


“YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE PICKED ON ME, MALFOY!” yelled Harry, as he pulled the handgun from his backpack.

“OH SHIT, HE BOUT TO DO IT!” screamed Lavender Brown as she and everyone else ran away.

Harry shot Malfoy in teh back of the spine.

“Oh no, my spine!” cried Malfoy.

“That’s right, Malfoy. Your spine!” laughed HarryPotter.

“Harry, why are you doing this?!” begged Neville Longbottom, “Why are you doing this WITHOUT ME?”

and then Neville pulled out an Uzi from his backpack and started shooting those smug Ravenclaw girls who always laughed at him. He was such a Nice Guy and they wouldn’t give him the time of day. But now he’ll show them.

He tossed Harry a long leather coat, and they both put on sunglasses.


“You’ll NEVER win the House Cup NOW!” she said, as she deducted untold points from Gryingdor.

“NO! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” cried Harry.

“You were so lost in the hunt, that you forgot why you were doing it in the first place, POTTER!” spat Longbottom, as he transformed into Voldermont.


“YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” hissed Volestmoert and he kicked Harry’s gun out from his hand, and then did a spinning back kick at Mcondonal’s head and knocked her out cold.

“Now that you’ve killed enough people you’ve turned to the DARK SIDE, AND YOUR PARENTS’ LOVE WILL NO LONGER PROTECT YOOOOOOOOU!” he laughed.

“Oh no! What am I going to do!?” cried Harry as he ran away and hid in the girl’s bathroom like a girl.

“Hi Harry!” said Moaning Myrtle.

“Shut up you fatso no one cares about you!” said Harry and he cast Ghostfacekilla at her and she double-died.

And when she died, she opened up a bathroom portal.

“Her death opened up a bathroom portal!” Harry noted wisely.

from the portal emerged none other than Professor SNAPE! YOOOOO!

“Harry, when you kill a ghost, it comes back from the dead. But when I was alive, I slipped all of the ghosts in the school a Switcheroo Potion so that if I ever died, and one of them died, I would come back to life!”

“Professor that’s great! But Voldermot’s coming to kill me and I don’t have my mom’s love to prot3ect me because I killed abunch of people!”

“You don’t need your mother, Potter. You have me,” Snape said as he pulled out a grenade launcher.


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