Spooks in Space part 4

Space Judge wasn’t backing down. He fixed the rocket launcher on the band of would-be escapees, preparing to fire.

“Back in your cell, Raymond.”

“Yeah, okay,” agreed Ray, who’d always been fond of being blown up by rocket launchers. He backed up into his cell and dragged the massive steel door to a close.

Outside, Rob and Antbro still had a rocket-launcher pointing at them.

“Come on, Space Judge,” pleaded Rob, “Don’t be a dick.”

“Robert, I’m sorry that you think enforcing the Law, the very foundation of our civilization, makes me a ‘dick’, but I cannot allow this. Raymond will serve out his sentence, with added time now for attempted escape.”

“However…” he added, “The penalty for treason, is DEATH BY ROCKET-LAUNCHER.”

“Is that really a thing?” asked Antbro nervously.

“Yeah, traitors are executed by rocket-launchers,” replied Rob, “However, Space Judge, we are entitled to a fair trial by a jury of our peers!”

“Not this time you’re not,” laughed Space Judge, “The President has declared me Arbiter of Justice. I can literally do whatever I want to and it’s legal.”

“That’s some bullshit,” said Antbro.

Space Judge was laughing too hard to focus on blowing them up, and the duo looked around desperately for a route of escape.

Ray peeked the door to his cell open.

“Psst, guys,” he whispered, “Just come in here.”

There was nowhere else to go. So as Space Judge continued laughing his ass off, doubled over in judicial joy, Rob and Antbro retreated into Ray’s cell, safely behind the strong steel door.

After a few more chortles, Space Judge had composed himself and realized what had happened.

“Oh damn it,” he said, walking forward and pounding on the door.

“Hey! Hey, get back out here and face your death!” he demanded.

Rob answered “No Space Judge, that’s bullshit. You’re bullshit.”

Space Judge was not entertained.

“If you don’t come our RIGHT NOW, I will double your sentence!” he roared.

“You definitely can’t kill us more than once,” replied Antbro.

Space Judge pulled on the door in vain. Antbro was holding it shut, and was 100 times stronger than him. They were safe.

“Fine. Stay in there and starve. I’m not leaving this spot,” he laughed.

“Guys, what are we going to do?” asked Ray, “I don’t want to starve.”

Jesus Christ, what will our heroes do? To be continued.


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