Mutant Schmo

I opened the door and took a seat in the waiting area. The secretary looked over at me. She surely would have been kinder if I hadn’t been naked.

“Excuse me sir, do you have any business here?”

I glared at her.

“Of course I do,” I responded, “I’m here aren’t I?”

“Who are you here to see?” she asked, beginning to dial 911.

I smirked.

“I’m here to see your boss and tell him what I think of him. If he hadn’t been such a JERK to me, I wouldn’t be here. And I tell you, the piece of my mind that I’m going to give him is going to flip his entire Universe on its head! I can’t wait to see the look on his face when-”

“No, I don’t think he’s armed-”

“HEY, ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?” I shouted, standing up.

The secretary pulled her window closed and locked the door to the office.

“This is fine, this is fine,” I said, “I’ll just WAIT HERE. I tell you, though. It’s not going to be good for anyone here if I’m kept waiting long.”

I threw one of the chairs against the window before I sat back down. I was a little annoyed.

Finally, after all these days, I’d be shouting in the face of my former boss. Johnathan Fucking Jones, that son of a bitch. He fired me when I told him that I had received super powers for my birthday. He was JEALOUS of me, so he fired me. After all the years I’d worked there. But now, now, I’d be getting the last laugh. I’d laugh right in his stupid face, and then do something super like pick him up with one arm, or disappear before his very eyes.


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