Mutant Schmo part II

Several minutes passed before the door to the waiting room was opened by a police officer. Surprisingly, he didn’t immediately point a gun at my face. It must have been my naked body, admittedly not especially intimidating. I wasn’t particularly muscular, my dick wasn’t especially impressive. I wouldn’t have even though to go on this mission naked if the genie hadn’t assured me that my powers were restrained by clothes.

In hindsight I wish that I had tested that claim before making a fool of myself.

“Sir, please turn and lift your hands, I’m placing you under arrest,” the officer said.

I couldn’t let him interrupt my sacred quest for satisfaction. I waved my hand, attempting to place him under a spell.

“You will turn and go,” I assured him, “You will forget all about me.”

The officer sighed and walked back out the door. I know now that mind-control is not my power, so I believe he had just had a long day.

After a minute of more waiting, I heard the door to the office unlock. The secretary walked back to her desk and opened the window.

“Sir, Mr. Jones will see you now. Please just don’t do anything weird.”

In my 15 minutes there, I’d scared off half a dozen potential clients with my nakedness. I assume Johnathan just wanted me to get out and didn’t care how it was done.

“I’m not weird,” I assured her, “I’m only naked so I can use my superpowers. In fact, after this is over, you’ll forget this ever happened.”

I waved my hand before her, believing my mind-trick to be real. Then, I grasped the doorknob to the office, took a deep breath, and swung the door open.

An ear-shattering blast sent me flying backwards into the wall, and after a few moments of loud ringing and blurred vision, I realized my first true superpower.

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