Spooks in Space part XV

Planet Bones was the spookiest thing the Space Marines had ever seen. It had bats flying all around it and it was covered in spiders and it was shaped like a giant skull that was on fire.

“We’ll need our flame-retardant armor,” noted Space Marine #1.

“No, human. The fire is far too spooky and hot. It will burn through your armor like fire through a flammable substance,” explained Asia Bones.

“Then what are weh goin’ to do, mate?” asked Irish Pilot.

“Isn’t it obvious?” asked Sexy Scientist Lady #1, “We can turn you into Super Space Marines, and you’ll be fireproof.”

“But no one has ever been able to survive that process!” objected Space Marine #3, and he slammed his fist into a table and it broke in half and a piece of splintered wood flew into someone’s eye and they shouted fuck and everyone stopped for a second to make sure they were okay, and they got it out of their eye and went to go lie down. That happened to Space Marine #4 by the way, who is Asian but that’s not important.

“Now what?” asked Rob.

“I believe Rob that you have the potential to become a Super Space Marine because your body has not yet been through the trauma of becoming a regular Space Marine, so you won’t die probably or something,” explained Sexy Scientist Lady #1 scientifically.

“Yes of course, it was so obvious, the answer was right in front of us all along,” exclaimed Unattractive Scientist Man and he injected himself with his secret Super Space Marine formula and turned into a big hulking sexy brute.

“Holy shit, take me immediately!” cried Sexy Scientist Lady in a state of uncontrollable lust, and she ripped off her white lab coat, exposing her supple, milky white breasts near-bursting out of her bra.

She clawed at her bra strap, but Scientist Hulk had already leaped across the Space-Helicopter at her, and with the force of his jump, pushed her on to the floor, beginning to sensually kiss and bite her body as they hastily tore off the rest of their clothes.

In their passion, the two did not realize that Scientist Hulk’s jump had pushed the Space-Helicopter with such force that it was now spinning through the sky, completely out of control.

As Scientist Hulk thrust his Super member into Sexy Scientist Lady #1’s warm, drenched pussy, the rest of the crew ran to their stations, and held on for dear life- like Sexy Scientist Lady #1 holding on and tearing into Scientist Hulk’s back with her nails as they moaned in complete ecstasy.

oh no what’s gonna happen who knows

to be continued.


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