A Wedding for a Demon

The demon appeared in a sudden surge of fire in the center of the circle. Small goat-like horns protruded from the sides of an otherwise human face- the face of a young, hairless woman, and with the exception of vicious-looking claws instead of hands, a woman’s body to match.

The summoner spoke “Hi, I’m Jeremy.”

The demon responded “Hey Jeremy, I’m Quealeeg– oh fuck.”


“Great, real fucking great.”

“Okay, so I know your name now, so I can order you to do anything.”

“Yeah, I know how it works, jackass.”

“Look, I just need you to go to a wedding for me,” pleaded Jeremy.

“I don’t have shape-shifting powers, bro, how do you expect me to do that?”

Jeremy paused and thought.

“Could you kill the bride?”

“Yeah, but then you’d have a funeral to go to,” answered Que.

“Jesus Christ these things are like perfect social traps,” sighed Jeremy.

“Why don’t you just suck it up, banish me, and go to the stupid wedding?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” said the young man who’d just summoned a demon in order to get out of going to a wedding, “There’s got to be a way out of this.”

Que lied down in her circle and yawned.

“I order you to help me think of a way to get out of this,” said Jeremy.

Que stood up and screamed “GOD DAMN IT.”

The attic shook from the fury in her voice, but Jeremy wasn’t concerned. She was totally confined to the circle he’d carefully painted in his own blood. She might want to eat his head, but unless he stuck it in her cage, he was totally safe.

“So, what do you think?”

“If I kill you, you won’t have to go,” she hissed.

“Real fuckin’ cute.”

Que rubbed her temples and sat down. She’d had a headache before even being summoned. And now she was trapped until God-knows-when, because she’d been dumb enough to let her summoner know her name.

“Weddings are difficult to get out of,” she said, “Even with a demon at your disposal.”

“Could you kill the priest?” asked Jeremy.

“Probably not. I couldn’t even get inside the church to touch him. Outside the church, he’d sense me a mile away. The oldest, fattest priest is like a Jedi against my kind,” she admitted.

It was a story she’d never share, but the last time Que had tried to tussle with a priest, he had choke-slammed her through a communion table.

“So what good are you?” sighed Jeremy.

“I really could just kill you if you wanted,” pleaded Que.

“I’d almost prefer that than go to this fucking wedding,” said Jeremy.

His focus shifted.

“So what kind of powers do you have at your disposal?”

Que listed them with her fingers.

“Well, I can run really fast. Uhh, super-strength, possession, invisibility–”

Jeremy interrupted her, “Possession, you say?”

“I wasn’t done,” protested Que.

“Could you possess the bride and have her call off the wedding?”

“That’s not a terrible idea,” admitted Que, “And then you’ll let me go?”

“Yeah, probably,” said Jeremy.




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