Batman vs. Bane

“You’ve got a big dick,” grunted Batman.

“Not as big as yours, I’m afraid,” replied Bane.

Batman knew despite his length, he was outmatched by Bane’s girth. He’d have to switch tactics.

He tried to back up, but Bane jumped up and slammed his dick into Batman’s face, like a Superman punch but with a dick.

He cracked the legendary cowl like an egg.

Batman stumbled back, and tore his mask off, revealing the identity that Bane had already known for a long time.

“Ah, Bruce Wayne. How gracious of you to step down from your high tower, safe from the crime plaguing your city.”

“You’re no better than any criminal Bane,” growled Bruce, winding up his dick for a strike.

“I am here to do what you were always too much of a punk-bitch to do, Mr. Wayne,” roared Bane, and he lunged at Batman, but Batman was able to sidestep him, and trip him with his dick.

Bane stumbled on to his back and simply laughed, unafraid.

“You’re delusional, Bruce. All societies must meet their end in fire. Evil cannot be bargained with, it must be destroyed.”

Bruce Wayne struggled to lift the brute with his dick, like a spatula, and then slapped him across the face with it.

“It’s not my decision to make, Bane, and it’s not yours,” he growled.

Bane shrugged off the slap like nothing, and slammed his dick upward into Batman’s stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

“You’re wrong, Mr. Wayne. It is the duty of the strong to do what the weak cannot.”

Bane lifted Batman over his head.

“And you were too weak.”

He brought Batman down onto his dick, breaking his spine.

“Ow,” Batman groaned.

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