Albus Potter and the Chamber of Voldemorts part 1

“Professor, I saw you die!”

“You saw a snake bite me, Potter” spat the unkillable Potions Master. “I always kept an antidote for Nagananaiai’s venom lmao.

Now I’m going to be an asshole to ur son just like I was to you, but you know I really care wink wink”

Professor Snape took Albus Potter’s cauldron and threw it against the wall, splashing polyjuice potion on the other students

because albonts was a rulebreaker like his dad and his grandpa, he was brewing an extra naughty concoction.

Everyone turned into Voldemort.

“NO IT CAN’T BE” cried Harry.

The classroom of Voldemorts laughed.

“Yes it’s true, Potter,” cackled the Voldentmonts, “I’m back. That polyjuice potion was extra juicy and contained my soul.”

“WHAT HAVE I DONE” cried Severe Snap, and he ran to get a katana from his shelf.

The voldermorts tried to stop him, but they didnt have their wands because it was potions class and severeus snape didnt allow wands in his class.

Snape started decapitating all the Voldenmonts with his hand-forged Genki steel.

Harry Potter locked the door to the classroom so they couldnt escape.

“This is the only way to be safe.” sobbed severuis as he chopped up the voldmorts

Albus Dumblrdore rose from the dead.

“This isnt good” he said sadly.

“I know sir, but volderymer cant be allowed to come back.” said Harry and Potions in unison.

“I agree” said Flitwinks who appeared.

“me too” said Mirror mcdonald, “I’m sorry Ablus.”

“it’s okay,” said harry potter’s son.

“i was talking to the other Albus.”


“I’m not sorry for you, and I am taking a thousand points from grifyndor. you will never win the house cup as long as you are alive!” she shouted angrily.

Dumblesdore left in a poof of sorrow.

Snape was done chopping up the voldemorts and said “We have to tell their parents.”

Harry said “no, they’d just be mad. I will tell them they died defending the school from a new evil wizard.”

“But harry,” said flintwicks, “that’s a lie.”

Harry Potter glared at him.

“Lying is an important part of life,” he explained seriously

Flitwick smiled.

“You taught me something today, Harry. You should be a teacher.”

Harry Potter laughed. “Yes. I will teach Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

Mirrors McDuck frowned, “Harry that position is taken by Professor Weasel”

“The only way to get the job is to kill him” said professor snape and he handed harry his katana. “I beleive in yoy Potter, you have your mother’s eyes.”

Harry smiled and walked down the corridor to kill Ron.

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