Kingdom Hearts 2.9.1: ReMix Remembrance Resolve

A sweeping blow from the Darkside knocked Sora and Riku off their big feet.

“I don’t understand!” cried Sora, literally crying, “How is the Darkness so powerful?”

Riku searched inside himself for the answers and came up with nothing. He just couldn’t figure out why this Darkside was beating the tar out of them.

Meanwhile, Potions McGoof and Lightning Duck were stuck in a Gummi Ship dogfight against the Darkness above Hollow Bastion, unable to assist the two keyblade amateurs.

“GOOFY!” quacked Donald, “Sora needs our help!”

“A-hyuck! But I can’t shake these Darkness Ships, Donald!”

Donald Duck pushed Goofy aside and grabbed the controls. He knew he was the superior pilot, and that Goofy was useless.

“I WILL HANDLE THIS!” he quacked.

But the Darkness Ship shot them down, and they crashed. A hyuck.

The Darkside grabbed Sora and brought him up to his shadowy face. The face opened up, revealed KAIRI.

“Sora, I am bad now.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” wept Sora, and he desperately cast Force Lightning at her, and the Kairi-Darkside stumbled, allowing Sora to pull Riku to his feet, and they retreated.

“Riku, why is Kairi bad?”

Riku felt a pang of guilt in his loins. He knew the answer to Sora’s question, but he couldn’t bring him to tell his dear friend that he had hit it and quit it. So he blamed someone else.

“Someone who isn’t me must have broken her heart Sora!” Riku shouted.

“Who could it have been?!” questioned Sora stupidly.


Riku took Sora’s hand and led him into a Darkness portal.

“Where are we?”

“We are inside the Shadow Realm,” answered Riku, and he summoned his Keyblade.

Sora tried to do the same, but couldn’t.

“Riku, where’s my Keyblade?”

Riku summoned Sora’s Keyblade into his other hand.

“DUAL-WIELD” he announced, and he knocked Sora unconscious.

Sora’s heart had been weakened by his sadness and so Riku was able to take advantage and get his Keyblade to come to him instead. Riku’s heart was made of iron.

Riku didn’t want to have to kill Sora, but he knew his secret could never be revealed or else King Mickey would surely end him. So he grabbed Sora and threw him into the Lake of Darkness.

But little did he know that the Lake of Darkness was actually a portal to Atlantica.

“Sora my boy! What brings you here?” asked King Triton.

“Your highness I need to borrow your trident so I can beat Riku and get my Keyblade back!”

“Not so fast, Sora,” said System of a Down, “First you must find Ariels.”

“Ariel?” asked Sora.

“Ariels,” corrected System of a Down, “Ariel’s Nobody is also named Ariel, you have to find them both and bring them back to safety or else King Triton’s heart will break and his trident will lose its power!”

“I can do it!” said Sora, “But I don’t have a weapon and Donald and Goofy are nowhere to be found!”

“Forget Donald and Goofy,” said Mermaid-Cloud.

“Yeah, you have other friends,” said Mermaid-Squall.

“BUT ALSO YOU HAVE OTHER ENEMIES!” said Ursula the Sea Witch, and she punched everyone with her tentacles.

“The Ariels will stay in my sea-dungeon forever!” she screamed, and she continued punching everyone over and over.

“Not so fast, Ursula!” roared Water-Hercules, and he threw the submarine from the Rugrats Go Wild Movie at her forehead, knocking her out cold.

“Thanks Herc!” said Triton, “You’re a real god after all!”

“Yeah!” said Herc, and he flexed his muscles and left.

The submarine opened up, revealing a letter.

“It’s a message from the King!” exclaimed Sora.

it read:

“Dear Sora,

Sometimes life gets you down. But always remember, that you have your friends.

And you’ve got a friend in me.

-King Mickey.”

“WOW!” said Sora, “It seems like King Mickey always knows what’s going on.”

“You arrogant fool,” said System of a Down, “The King isn’t as great as you think he is. You put too much trust in the Government, Sora. King Mickey’s done things that would make you sick.”

“I don’t believe you,” said Sora.

“It’s true, son,” said King Triton sadly, “Remember, there’s Darkness inside all of our hearts. There is not a man alive who has done no wrong in his life.”

“That’s not entirely true,” spoke a mysterious voice.

Everyone turned around and gasped.


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