Past Master

I ordered a used copy of Past Master and I was so excited to read it because Sam Hyde recommended it and USPS delivered it to another state that I’ve never set foot in :^)

idk whether to be mad at them or the seller yet. But someone dicked me. God, there’s something so smug about seeing a package labeled “Delivered” under tracking, when it’s not the right address. The more I think about it the more likely it seems the seller just put the wrong label on it.

Vaughn, Washington looks beautiful. That’s not where I live, though.

Maybe one day I’ll move there and settle down. I’ll lie in bed next to my wife after we put our children to sleep, and I’ll take out a copy of Past Master and start laughing. She’ll smile and ask what I’m laughing at and I’ll tell her the story of my original copy being mistakenly sent to this very town many years ago. Who knows how my life would have turned out if I’d just received it? It surely would have been worse.

This is probably for the best.

say something :)

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