The Hunt for Past Master Continues

Whoever coined the term “third time’s the charm” wasn’t just a liar, he was also probably a used book seller on Amazon.

This is the third time I’ve been thwarted trying to acquire a copy of Past Master so I can cosplay as Sam Hyde and also read a classic piece of science fiction.

The last time this happened, I reasonably accused the United States Postal Service of conspiring to prevent me from reading the book, by delivering my copy of Past Master to an random, incorrect address for the second time. Presumably they were doing this for nefarious purposes. There’s no GOOD reason why the post office would want to stop me from reading Past Master, so it HAS to be bad, right? Well it turns out that I might just be an asshole.

Because this time, the fuck-up lies squarely on the shoulders of the Amazon seller, who LISTED THE FUCKING BOOK WITHOUT ACTUALLY HAVING IT IN STOCK.

The listing remains up on Amazon as of this writing. How can I possibly trust Amazon booksellers after this? I can’t. There’s 4 other listings for the book, all priced about the same, and they’re all probably fucking phantoms as well.

In hindsight, this probably was the same thing that happened for the last 2 fuck-ups, because incorrect tracking info was still generated for this order, even though nothing was actually fucking shipped out. I don’t know that works, I don’t really care, I just want a fucking copy of Past Master. It’s SO SIMPLE but I just can’t seem to make this dream come true.

So I finally did what I should have done from the beginning. I went on fucking eBay and within a minute found a copy for sale– with a picture to prove it actually fucking exists– and made an offer. It’s been accepted and hopefully the next time I write about fucking Past Master, I’ll have a copy in my hands. SURELY the 4th time is a real charm.

Please wish me lucky/pray for me/send me Past Master energy.


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