Ghost School Chapter 1: LATE! Enter Konoko Koshigake!



“Oh no, I’m late for my first day of class!” cried me, Konoko with a piece of toast in my mouth to pay respect to local tradition.

Hi, my name’s Konoko Koshigake, grade 10. It’s my first day at my new school in Japan, or “Nippon”. The land of dragons and anime. Ever since I was a child, I’ve dreamed of being a ninja. I’ve trained my body to its physical limits, but I still have a lot to learn about the culture. That’s why I joined Yagami High School’s foreign-exchange program, or “purogurumu.” I might be able to walk the walk, but I’ve still got to learn how to talk the talk.

“Watch where you’re going, jackass,” yelled a Japanese gangster in Japanese after I stepped on his boot. I suspected he might be part of the infamous Yakuza. I had only played a few of the Yakuza games on the Playstation, so I wasn’t confident in my ability to handle him if he called for backup. Still, Iknew that I couldnt let him insult my honor. I pulled my eye and stuck my tongue out at him like an animae character and turned tail and ran to a police officer down the street.

“Excuse me, officer?” I asked in Japanese, “that man there is a gangster, can you arrest him?”

“You idiot, that is Principal Kenshiro of Yagami High School.”

(。`Д´)ノ彡☆ YARE YARE! (that means good grief!) Have I really insulted my school principal already!?

Principal Kenshiro approached and waved to the policewoman. “It’s okay, officer, I’ll take him from here.” PK placed his migthy hand on my shoulder and it felt like it weighted as much as a sumo.

“Is he going to expell me? Is this the end of my adventure so soon?” I said out loud to myself, and he heard me so embarrassing.

“No son, you adventure is just getting started” ^_______^ he said smiling broadly like a proper wise kind senpai. “since you’re late, you have to help the class president cleanse the school of evil spirits.”

“SAY WHAAAAT?!” I yelled in English.

A cute girl in a school uniform walked out from the shadows. “My name is Sak… no that’s too easy… my name is Kyutu. Grade 10 Class President.”

“She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I have to make her mine.” I acccidentaly said out loud again.

She blushed beet-red. “Baka gaijin!” she slapped me. “Don’t be a pervert, foreign dog! I am already the girlfriend of the school baseball captain, Chado!”

like clockwork, a buff Japanese guy walked over to me and asked if I “have a problem, weeb”. this must be Chado.

This is just like American all over again, why did I even come here?



One thought on “Ghost School Chapter 1: LATE! Enter Konoko Koshigake!

  1. “I suspected he might be part of the infamous Yakuza”

    “I said out loud to myself, and he heard me so embarrassing.”

    “I acccidentaly said out loud again.”


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