J-Ghost High School Chapter 2: Ghosts Aren’t Real, so Why Do I Have to Help This Cute Girl Vanquish Them?


So… this is Chado… I said to myself. He’ll be my arch-rival, and eventually Kyutu will realize I’m better than him and she’ll fall in love with me!

“Idiot!” screamed Kyutu. “You’re thinking out loud again!”

Crap I thought.

Chado threw back his head and laughed mightily. Like he wasn’t intimidated by me. Like he was totally confident in his normal, happy relationship, and I wasn’t actually the hero of the story destined to get the girl that I immediately fell in love with. Then he stepped over to Kyutu and said “i’ll see you at my place later for dinner?”

Kyutu smiled cutely and said “y-yes” ^.^

Chado looked back over to me. Be careful with the ghosts. Just follow my girlfriend’s instructions and you’ll survive.”

I turned toward Principal Kenshiro. “Sir ghosts are just a meme, right?”

“Not in Japan,” he said seriously. In America, you’re too busy lying down and watching cartoon-streaming services to see them, also you are tragically overweight. But our schools are OVERRUN with angery spirits. So we have an Elite Spirit-fighting squad in this school to keep things normal.”

“I dont believe any of that,” I said, forgetting my respect.

Principal Kenshiro seemed to have patience to spare for my ignorant foreign ways, and just smiled. Chado, however did not.

Chado grabbed my by the shirt and lifted me up even though I was taller than him, and he said to him, “My team lost our last game because our star pitcher was POSSESSED and committed SUICIDE. If you dont think this is serious, I can MAKE IT serious for you.”

PK stepped in. “That is enough, Chado. I’ll brief—oh I’m terribly sorry son, I haven’t gotten your name.


“Hrm… T-that is not what is on your file…”

“…………………………………………….Peter Jenkins…” I blushed.

“He… just picked out a Japanese-sounding name?” whispered Kyutu.

“I see. Welcome to Yagami High, Peter. Kyutu, please take Peter with you and purify the school so we can get homeroom started.”

“Yes sensei!” she said.

I stared at Chado as he walked away to the baseball field. As Kyutu and I walked into the school, I wondered if, even with my extreme training, I could be a match for him. I wondered if I helped Kyutu get rid of these ghosts that probably arent even real, she would acknowledge me. I wondered what she smelled like. What kind of panties she was wearing. I wondered a lot of things, and I wondered all of them out loud accidentally.

“FOOLISH!FOOLISH!FOOLISH!FOOLISH!FOOLISH!FOOLISH!FOOLISH!FOOLISH!FOOLISH!FOOLISH!FOOLISH!” yelled Kyutu and she started slapping me over and over buT THEN SUDDENLY I heard a horrible moan.

“OOOOOOOOOOO watashi wa yūrei de, watashi wa furuete iru OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

“ARA!!! it’s a- a j-j-japanese ghost” (`〇Д〇)

NO, wait it’s probably just Chado or someone playing a prank… still if I can protect Kyutu, she’d probab—

“Idiot! Stop thinking out loud! The ghosts are REAL and you should forget about your feelings for me. You are some weeb who just wanted to come to Japan because you like anime. Chado is the perfect gentleman. Now stop being foolish and come with me, PETER.”

It hurt, but I knew she was right. For now I’d have to forget about love and focus on whatever was moaning. We slowly slid open the door into freshman class-1, and what I saw shook me to my very core.


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