7 years on this website good grief

oh god.

well for starters, I added some different ways to follow at the bottom of the page. faceberg, rss, etc. i guess i should probably put our gab down there eventually.

WP isn’t exactly trustworthy anymore. nothing really is. but who cares.not meee teehee. ill just back everything up locally idc. if we ever have to move one day, it’ll be easy enough.

to anyone who’s a genuine follower, thanks for reading. there’s really only a handful of you I think. like that new anime guy who followed, if you’re reading this im glad you liked some of my stufflol. you’re the kind of person I want reading. there’s so many uh… idk… they feel like robots, like npcs. i get these follows and likes from people who never again visit, and theyve got these fucking professional blogs about, idk, cooking or something and it’s like “are you sure you actually like my post?” it’s like they just want a like for a like.

idk maybe im just an asshole. someone can be a cooking-blogger and still like bad harry potter fanfiction, right? i know im right though and it’s so prevalent and it’s always been that way and it often makes me feel like i wouldve been better off making a tumblr where despite the rep, at least the people are genuine. i could just never stand the site and how it forced you to follow people and the infinite scrolling and th-in hindsight i guess i could just have blocked the feed to focus. in fact that’s probably true. but whatevs.

at least a few of you are real people, and im thankful for you. even a single person who gets a kick out of the dumb shit i write makes it worthwhile.

idk what else. uhh, i should probably finish that book but GOD my mind is so fucked up from ssris thaaaank you doc. i cant even focus on a stupid post like thisththrhts anyway, uh, thanks to everyone. here’s to another 7 yearslmfao oh god my life

what’s in the pipeline, let’s see. having a lot of fun w/ my weeb story. also just gotta do a few illustrations for Spooks in the Deep since the artist is sick. idk. i feel so tired. i just cracked my neck god that felt good.

i want to eventually… mayeb later today, i want to write about guys like peter chimaera and whoever the fuck wrote My Immortal tara something right? lmfao. those are the people who inspired me in the first place. bad writing is fun.

anyway, thanks for reading.



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