I Love Bad Writing

long overdue, but i added some links to the bottom of the page of writers i particularly love.

Peter Chimaera was the madman who really inspired me to first start writing. a lot of people know his “Doom” story. i remember vividly my friend reading “Devil May Cry: Teh Crying of The Demon” to me over xbox live when we were kids and laughing my ass off. it really taught me to not taking writing seriously. maybe that’s been a bad thing and i’d be more successful if i gave a shit, but it’s just so much easier and more fun to write without giving a shit about spelling and grammar, and even intentionally making mistakes.

some random tripfriend on /x/ called  “Cedric Moon” also inspired me to write bad horror specifically, but who knows wtf happened to him. this freaking guy made people sooo mad by pretending to be a master horror writer and like, a sorcerer lmfao. he was so funny.

so many people treat writing like a serious art, and i can’t stand the fucking elitism. “bad” writing is extremely entertaining to read, I think. intentional or not. like people like Peter and Tara Gilesbie who wrote “My Immortal” are OBVIOUSLY trolls, but they still enraaaaage “serious” fanfiction writers. i think that’s dumb. i love terrible writing. i think it’s funny. it makes me happy. and what’s better than being happy?

even when it’s unintentional. like freaking Sonichu. it’s fun. it’s just fun. not everything has to be so somber with perfect majestic, beautiful prose.

i was reading uhh.. Eye of Argon I tihnk it’s called, like it’s this really really infamously bad fantasy story and some freaking guy, a “SERIOUS WRITER” wrote this loooong introduction about how bad it is and how you should check out HIIIIIS writing instead and it’s like dude im not here for you and your boring shit. i want to read this awesome bad writing. and it was hilarious.

like i get that there’s a place for “proper” writing, but man… isn’t it hard enough expressing ourselves without asshole elitists shitting on us? like the kid that wrote that fantasy story was SIXTEEN YEARS OLD and ADULT WRITERS, WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MATURE, ARE MAKING FUN OF HIM. and good for them for enjoying how bad his story is, but dont fucking pretend to be mature at least. like idk… and dude, im getting closer and closer to 30 years old. it’s a few years away and i dont have the patience for perfection anymore.  you know what grammar and spelling are to me? obstacles in the way of my self-expression. yeah, i get it. I RESPECT the English language. but I also like to just have fun. ireally, really enjoy laughing.

people say that bad fanfiction in particular make it more difficult for the genre to be “taken seriously”, but 1) im not sure i buy that and 2) i don’t care either way.

My Immortal is one of the funniest stories I ever read, and if I cared enough to read someone’s “serious” HP story, Tara’s masterpiece wouldn’t taint it for me.

friendos, the point is, uh… links at the bottom of the page to some bad writing i really enjoy lol.


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