J-Ghost School Chapter 4: Kana! You Have to Let Me Join Ghost-Fighting Team!


“Kana…” Chado said respectfully.

With my giant brain I instantly knew that this cute cute cute cute girl in front of me with her beautiful long black hair must be the leader of the ghost-fighting team. I immediately kneeled before … what do you mean thats now how kneled is wpelled? Knelt oh, I KNELT before her. No you know what I dont believe that kneeled isnt a word 1 sec. YEH it is, so wtf libreoffice. I kneeled before her and introduced myself.

“MY LADY! I am Konoko Koshikage, grade 10 transfer student! Please will you allow me on to your team?”

She glared at me, and did a spinning kick right into my face that I only just barely blocked becausse im very fast too but she was also fast so I barely blocked it and it sent my stumbling back.

S-SHE’S FAST! I thought to myself out loud

“Of course she’s fast, Konoko, she’s the only rival Kyutu has in this school,” Chado said with a grin. h-hey, he called me konoko! ( ᐛ )و

“You’re the gaijin who destroyed my banishment scroll. Do you know how much chakra I have to pour into those?” she said calmly but angrtily.

“I’m sorry, my lady, but I just wanted to help calm the angery ghosto and also get a cute girlfriend.”

she went silent.

“That ghost is Ai- 1 sec I gotta get a list of japanese names here… ok, that her name is Ayumi. She was a member of my team. It hurts me to see her unable to pass on, and YOU’VE MADE IT EVEN HARDER FOR HER NOW.”

She kicked out at me again, but this time it was Chado who blocked her and he took teh kick with his face with solemnly to show respect for her anger.

“Kana, I know exactly how you feel… I too lost a teammate recently… and this foreigner may be stupid, but he is strong and I think your team could use him now more than ever…”

Kana glared at him. For a second I thought she was going to kick him again, she seems really good at kicks. Girls who can kick high like that are so freakin hot I thought but I kept this thought to mysefl

after a minute she said “He can join…”

YES! I said and did a fist pump o(^▽^)o

“–ON THE CONDITION… that he defeats the ghost in the 3rd floor boys bathroom!!! and you cant help him, Chado, yo u have to help Hina up ahead, she’s fighting the Janitor Ghost.!”

“Understood, Kana…”

whos hina I thought

“No sweat, so what kind of cute ghost do I have to seduce this time?”

Chad looked at me. I coudlnt tell if he felt scared or just sorry for me, idk it’s hard to read macho men like Chado.

“The ghost up there is… the former gym teacher… the ghost who possessed my teammate…”

I was stunned. Could Chado really not interfere with such a personal mission? Is guess id find out.

“So can I have a new banishment scroll?” I asekd Kana.

“No, idiot. I dont have any extras on me. You’ll have to find another way to defeat him.”

“Chado, can I borrow ur baseball bat?”

“Its name is Hi bō and it wont let you use it. It’s loyal to me. Anyway ive got to go help Hina! I’ll catch up withyou!”

I wonder if Hina is cute.

“So what am I supposed to do? How can I stop a ghost gym teacher” I said.

“figure it out!” growled Kana, and she did an about-face and walked off, leavine me alone in the hall.

I found the stairs to the 3rd floor and prepared to face off against the ghost of a man whose profession involved physical fitness and now had ghost-powers. I prayed to budaa for safety with my prayer beads that I got on amazon dot com.

“It’s show time” I said, and I kicked open the door of the boys room and was immediately picked up and choke-slammed through a stall door.

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