J-Ghost School Chapter 6: Why Do All My Classmates Hate Me?



“Why did you say ‘yes?’” a student asked.

“I was saying “hai”, like “hi”, not hai like hai” I explained. U see in America, we say hai to be cute.

“Yeah but surely it has more effect if you type it?” asked Kyutu.

Oh no, they’re ganging up on me, the outsider, I realized. They’re defending their homeland from an invader and are trying to bullycide me.

“What’s wrong with this guy?”

“Is he talking to himself?”

“Why’s he wearing a kimono?”

“i need to speak with the school councilor” I announced. Kyutu facepalmed and walked me to the councilor.

“i do not feel welcome,” I said.

“Kyutu, is it true that you are being cruel to our honored Amerikan guest?” asked Councilor Toyota.

“We didn’t do anything, he was just being an idiot!” explained Kyutu.

“Until I am treated with the respect I deserve, I refuse to defend this school from ghosts.” I explained.

“NANI?” exclaimed the councilor.

Kyutu pulled me aside.

“Idiot, most of the school doesn’t know about the ghosts! Only the principal and a select few know so everyone doesn’t get spooked!”

“You mean no-one can know how cool and heroic I am?” I cried.

“HAI.” -_- said Kyutu with irony.

Kyutu explained to the councilor that I was just memeing and I walked back to class crestfallen. How could I survive my new school if I was just some loser gaijin? But then Ayumi appeared and gave me a ghost-hug. I forgot I had a ghost gf :3

“Ayumi cant be your gf, she’s gotta go.” Kana appeared and rained on my parade.

“but WHY” I said.

“She’s a ghost.”

“but she’s a friendly ghost.”

“I don’t care. Ayumi, leave!” said Kana.

BUT then suddenly, the gym teacher ghost appeared again and punched Kana down the hall.


He was never properly banished! oops.

I’ve got to protect Ayumi and Kana even though she already got her clocked cleaned, I thought, drawing my katana which by the way is black. I infused it with extra spicy chakra.

“Ayumi, go find Kyutu and tell her we need a banishment scroll!” I ordered. I felt cool. I had this. The gym teacher pulled out a pair of boxing gloves from his mouth and put them on.

Ayumi nodded and disappeared and I prepared to duel the gym teacher.

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