Now what am I supposed to be? For sure it can’t be me

The Gloommeister

i liek avantasia. anyway, finna make a uh… art page? or something. idfk, maybe just a category so i dont need to bother with it.

ive been trying to draw more daily, i’ve been mostly keeping up with it. everything’s kinda trash, but it’s calming at least. i dont know anymore. im just gonna dump what i have already in a new post and that’ll kick it off i guess.

some of them are related to my writing, a lot aren’t. writing honestly isn’t as gratifying at all. i love it. but you can spend hours writing something that someone won’t even bother to read. who can blame them? i can’t. who has the time to be reading shit? if you spend your entire life reading classic works that are actually important, you wouldn’t even scratch the surface. everyone appreciates art, though. i don’t know. fuck me.

i like drawing. i’d like to get better. my focus and motivation are abysmal though. whatever.

oh, more writing coming as well though. everything’s tying up. i think. you know the old saying, “All roads lead to Grueber.”

Rodrigo’s story should be concluding soon enough. I’ve got a lot more I haven’t even posted, I guess I should do that next… okay…