Local Wagecuck Doodles During Break

You ever feel like you’re living in Hell? I do. I think probably this is all just punishment for something I’ve done in another life. Atheists will say this is unjust because I’m a different person than whoever committed such unspeakable acts as to be sentenced to live in Clown World. But idk. What is justice really? Does it even matter? Something doesn’t have to be “just” to be a result. Who ever said reality had to be pleasant? Anyway, yeah I’m sure this is all just a simulation to test/punish me. None of this is real. I’m not really here and one day I’ll wake up to the beautiful smile of my loving wife and children. I’ll have finished the Clown World Experience, whatever the reason was. Maybe I was a volunteer for science.

Anyway artprompts.org said to draw “a burning mad elf”. I didnt have time to finish him. I’m trying to suck a little less at angles / perspective.

Anyway, please wake me up if you can. Bye.