Paraponera Clavata

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3 different prompts that I was too lazy to do individually over the last few days:

“A blind sniper”, “her eyes were gloomy and grey”, and “a giantess bathing in a lake”.

Originally wanted a blindfold over the sniper. Decided to have her crying instead with her eyes closed, “blinding” herself. Triiiiiiiiiied doing that uh… reflection-thing in the scope, where you could kiiiiinda see both the giantess’s eye and the eye of the sniper (which is closed), but lord, I just suck.

About half an hour total. I like it. I based the sniper off a meme of John McCain sniping Obama. I guess he was good for something after all.

My anatomy is still trash, but at least I didn’t have to draw any feet this time.

While I’m here, I guess I might as well cook up a quick story for them.

Kat took a deep breath as her target came to a halt. She hadn’t been lying down long, ants don’t have to try very hard to be inconspicuous. She could jump, and it wouldn’t see her. She’d have to scream at the top of her lungs for it to hear her. She almost wanted to, to tell it to fuck off. But she knew it was true: They can’t be allowed to breed. Still she regretted it. They weren’t any different than her, not really. Dim-witted, sure, but still obviously human. But they took up too much space, caused far too much destruction. They should have stayed underground. Kat lined up her shot. Was that just water or a tear running down its face? She closed her eyes.