(Very) Short RPG

I started (finally) dicking around with RPG Maker today. (XP, because I’m a big fan of the classics)

It took me about 4 hours to make a half-minute game, but I made it. It’s available here. (Just unzip and run game.exe)

I’m going to keep working on it separately. There’s a ton that I want to do, so I’m sure it’ll take me f***ing forever. So that’s just a uh… preview for now. I’ll probably post newer versions. Tryna go for a lite-horror vibe with some adventure. The ending here is abrupt and ridiculous because I just wanted to get something done.

I’m still going to be writing and drawing. I don’t like bouncing around to too much at once, because I’m obviously not a master at anything and therefore should not be dividing my attention. But I also enjoy doing all of them, and hopefully I can eventually be good at them. Or at least one of them.

That’s all for now.