Look what I did to my hands, I broke them (update 8/2019)

site’s goin’ through some changes. no moar whinging about social stuff, just pure, unadulterated sci-fi comedy. that’s all. thats all i want to do. i dont want to be a political commentator, i just want to make people laugh..

to celebrate this change, we’re doing a name change. Shekeleki will be dead, even if this will always be a station of gold in a literal, physical sense. but within a few days, the site will be able to be reached at inpieces.rip or inpeace.rip, both already acquired. I’ve been sitting on a free domain name for weeks now, so it was time i used it…. and also got another one because im stupid and accidentally checked them both out. WATEVS, it’s a good… they’ve got a good… like contrast. right? being in peace and being in pieces? like a yin and yangwhatever.

so, what im gonna try to be working on is…

1- Rodrigo Gets Some is going to be a full book, and I do plan on uh… illustrating it as a means of practicing my drawing. and so is J-Ghost High School XD, which i really, really wanna illustrate because im a weeb.

2- not being dead. christ in heaven above us my back is absolutely killing me. im a walking corpse but im going to try to stop being a walking corpse and produce some KILLER content, A>S>A>P.

there’s a lot of little changes to the site that i need to work on, too. making the full stories more accessible for binge-reading, even making the unfinished stories more accessible, (i hate blog-formats) and making everything more pleasant to look at instead of like someone’s first Angelfire site, and trying to figure out how to make better use of god-awful alien technology admin interface.

im like an abused woman with wordpress, no matter how many times it beats the shit out of me- and ive been here for like what, almost 8 years?- i just cant leave it for some stupid reason, but at least i can try workarounds like having its favorite dinner ready when it gets home from its machinist job and avoiding it while it’s drinking.

uh, that’s all, really. new books coming, and some small/medium-sized site updates.