UPDATES and that’s it.

Rodrigo Gets Some comin’ along. It is Officially the longest story I’ve ever written now.


If I keep up the current pace, it’ll be finished much sooner than the deadline. It’s TOTALLY INSANE how if I just SIT AT MY COMPUTER AND TYPE instead of LISTENING TO YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND LOOKING AT HENTAI FOR HOURS AND HOURS, I can accomplish things very quickly. It actually feels very nice to be typing like this again. I haven’t been typing as fast I have been in the last few days in perhaps years. It’s just part of who I am, man. I’m a writer. Right?

Wrong, I’m a loser.

So yeah, the book’s coming along nicely. I think I’ll just keep posting the new material on here. It’s not really fair to expect anyone to wait several months for such a stupid book. I think I see it more as an exercise to prove to myself that I can write quickly, instead of like “look at this masterpiece, I put everything I am into this”. (even thought the story is, of course, a masterpiece) If I could always work at the pace that I’ve been working today, there might be hope for me.

Still, you should BUY ZE BOOK when I release it. But again, I do think I’ll be posting the new content on here for free either way. What else?

Oh yeah, as per usual Faceberg is useless, not letting me change the page name because it’s beyond imagination that a writing blog would ever change its name so Im proooooooooooooooobably going to have to make a new fb page. in that case i’ll uh, post it there to be followed. what else? nothing else i think that’s it 4wegtsjthiogjsrthiojsrthoisr. ill drop a new part of the book right after this post, so PREEZE ENJOY that.


anyway, have a good day. im gonna gojesus my back hurts again just put me out of my misery please god all i want is the sweet release of deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dont.bye.