Rodrigo Gets Some part 12

All of Asia’s doubts cleared up that night, as Goblinlass rode him like a bony bicycle.

The screaming and moaning could be heard for miles throughout the G.S.S. Rand. Rodrigo was not happy, and his anger only intensified when Joshi came home with Olya Kalishnakov and they went into his room to “hack and chill”. Of course, that was Rodrigo’s room too, so he had to sit in a common room and watch a movie while mentor and rival were both getting laid by nice girls.
Goblingirl came up to him, with Chriz and Danz, the Anti-Fun police, in tow. Grueber had given them STRICT orders to not let Rodrigo and Goblingirl copulate, less Humanity lose its Ace in the sleeve.

Speaking of Ace, how was Ace Tunout handling being enslaved inside Joshi’s consciousness? Let’s find out.

“JOSHIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!” roared Ace, pounding at white walls of his brain-prison. “Let me out of hereeeeeeeee!”
Ace’s brother, Size, was sitting in the corner, crying.
“It’s no use, Large!” he cried. Remember Ace’s secret-name is Large? I know it’s very confusing, believe me I’m with you. And if Ace is Large’s regular-name, what’s Size’s regular name? Well, who can say?
“We can’t give up, Size!” Large said, punching the wall again. “That bastard Joshi can’t defeat the Bulk Brothers!”
Joshi was aware that all of this was going on inside his mind-network, spanning across multiple countries by now. He and Vi had been able to mindjack them, but unable to completely-erase them. Their pride was just too strong. They remained a nuisance, virtually powerless, but still able to do thing like create new text documents bitching and moaning and calling Joshi and Vi all kinds of names. But now, Joshi had an idea to finally snuff them out once and for all. He uploaded the .mp4 to the network-cell they were quarantined in.
“What is this?” asked Large.
“The author is Joshi,” said Size. “What kind of trick is he playing?”
“Just play it.”
The two brothers were treated to a POV-video of Olya Kalishnakov getting dicked hard.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” they cried. Both of them were PREMIMUM subscribers to her Patreon, paying $20 monthly just to see her in lingerie making ahegao faces. Now they were seeing her make an ahegao face again, but the context was devastating.
They both didn’t need any time to process the implications here. Not only had Olya betrayed them, but she’d betrayed them for JOSHI of all people. The two of them dropped dead on the spot.
Joshi felt their prescence fade and smiled to himself. It was finally over. Size and Large had been his most worthy opponents, but in the end, they never really had a chance. Olya had felt it too. But Olya was a cold bitch, so the final-deaths of two of the most 1337 hax0rs in and around Planet Earth got her hot again. She jumped Joshi’s bones then and there, and he fumbled to make sure the cigarette didn’t jeus christ i almost just deleted this entire book. Would you believe that I’m writing this all on Notepad? I’ve got LibreOffice, but I just … man, I just hate… there’s something about , no, it’s not that I hate anything about LibreOffice. What it is, is it’s a personal flaw, or a personal failing– something about the layout of a more traditional word processor makes me feel like instead of just WRITING and having fun, that I have to be worried about formatting and SHIT and that’s what it all is, it’s SHIT. Format, design, it’s all a fucking nightmare for perfectionists. I’m never going t
anyway, Grueber was standing on the bridge with Asia Bones and Goblinlass.
“Do you really think we can trust Joshi’s new… companion?”
Asia Bones shrugged. Honestly, he was tired. He’d just given everything he had to Goblinlass. Grueber looked at him, surprised at his current state of mental weakness.
“I don’t know how I feel about everyone pairing up with the enemy.”
“Gwooby, it’s not EVERYONE >.< Bedsides, we’re not da enemy enymore” said Goblinlass.
“Bedsides. That’s what you said. You meant ‘besides’ right?”
“I don’t know what you meme, Gwober! Anyways me and Asia are gonna go out tonight ^^ ”
Just then, Chriz and Danz walked in with two lovely ladies on their arms.
“Hey guys, this is Chriztina and Danziela! They’re–”
Who indeed?

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