book should be available tomorrow

i will post a link when it’s up. should have been today, but there was an issue with the cover so i had to re-submit it. (sorry 😦 )

after that, uhhhh, idk. im “retiring” from writing for a while to focus on learning digital painting. because God in heaven knows that i cant do both. I can barely focus on a single thing anymore, my brain is so f’d. im happy i finally finished this.

as always, the kindle version will be a piece of trash because amazon wont just let me sell the .pdf, it has to convert it to its precious .mobi format, so the “contents” section got all messed up. Ironically, one of the “””features””” of the kindle version would normally be the ability to use  the contents section to actually link to the different chapters. So for that 5-second time save between looking at a chapter page and just scrolling to that page and being able to just click on the chapter and immediately jump there, they completely destroyed the contents section and took away both conveniences. I wonder what year in human history someone first wrote a contents section of a book. It must have been hundreds of years ago, and I can’t even have that now because Amazon hates pdf. One step forward, two steps back. It’s a yuge pain and i really just… dont care enough to even try to fix it. I just don’t. Not when I have a PERFECTLY GOOD PDF FILE.

which ill available here tomorrow.

200+ pages. in some ways, it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever written. in just as many ways, it’s a fucking nightmare of a messy story with more plot holes than [insert your favorite conspiracy theory that’s obviously true here]. but im happy with it overall. it’s been a messed up 2 years. im a messed up person. im not who i used to be. but i still managed to accomplish this, and im glad.

say something :)

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