Boomerposting– Update

ONE: At the request of my wise and loving parents, a Safe-For-Boomers (SFB) version of Rodrigo Gets Some is coming *soon*.

OK, reader

*Soon* meaning I’m finished with it–I think–and gave it to my dad to boomer-proofread just to make sure it’s tame enough. Editing it the first time was bad enough. Editing is not fun, and I want to be working on new things.

So what’s different in this version? The curse words have been largely replaced, lewd scenes have been redacted, and my depressed rambling has been cut.

Truly a soft and safe version for people 40 and older.

What else? Uhh…

DOS: What else? What else? Uhhh… okay, I’m working on something new, right? I already announced that last time, right… it’s a collection of short horror stories. That’s still … coming along… nice and slowly… way too slowly. Gotta pick up the pace. Gonna pick up the pace.

I already said I’d post updates daily on that EL OH EL, which I’ve failed miserably at. TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT, RIGHT? A lot of chaotic stuff going on around the house, around the homestead, around the compound. I should probably start doing that. I’ll start doing that. I don’t know if they’ll be previews or full parts or I DUNNO. Not that there’s any point in them not being previews. It’s not like people buy books one way or the other.

A million different small stupid things I need to do. Just got to uh, chip away, right?

It’s always hard concentrating. But it’s getting easier. Maybe maybe. Maybe?????????????????????????//////////////// yee sure.

That’s all for now I think.


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