book’s done lol xD

new book’s out. get it uh, here

it’s the most fun book ive ever written i think i believe i reckon i suppose.

what else? i cant think straight, not feeling too good 🙂 new and better stuff coming too. always and forever.

also, the main part of the book was recorded 5 bloody hours———–> big shoutout to my friend, he’s the funniest voice actor in the world. idk if he wants names named. trying to convince him to start a fiver or something because it’s just too good of a talent to waste.

idk if wordpress has………….download buttons on media players? is that what im wondering? idk man, look: if you want to download them, you can go into the dev tools and find them. i dont blame you,  because i have them on a playlist on my phone and i listen to them almost 24/7…… maybe i should just… put up an ez pz download link? im sure i can figure that out later. actually im literally looking at media players right now and i bet if i just remove the audio player…tags?…around the url? very ez i should just do that

im not going to do that, im tired and my back hurts. besides, im sure a lot of browsers will display it differently or let you open/save them alrerareageargerg

i need to go lie down or something, have a godo dayru 🙂


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