Vape Pens Should Be Treated Like Grenades

I think vaping is totally super cool–(maybe the coolest thing in the entire world? what could possibly be cooler?) but i’d never do it. I’d sooner take up smoking. No cigar ever exploded in someone’s face.

there’s probably a million zillion lame arguments like “well, anything can just randomly explode, are you just going to stop using anything with a battery?”

yes, i will do ANYTHING i can to avoid having my teeth blown down my throat.

and that includes going near pressurized canisters like whipped cream. i dont even like grabbing my shaving cream bottle. maybe ill start using butter. that would never explode.

different people have different ideas of necessity, i know that, but all im really saying is that if you chew gum, there’s never a chance it will leave you looking like Mike Tyson tied small knives to his fists and used your face as a heavy bag.

why are there so many products in the world that can just EXPLODE? why is humanity okay with this? what are things that you care about? how many of them even have a chance of exploding on you?

what, we need computers so we can get to the moon? what the hell are you talking about? How does NASA-tech actually benefit me outside of the idea that “the world would have just stopped existing it we hadn’t invented computers”??????????????????????????? WELL? You’re telling me man would be extinct right now if it weren’t for satellites? I don’t believe you. in fact, maybe i’d be a farmer right now with a dozen kids if exploding-batteries never existed. oh noooooooooo id have to ask people for directions because GPS wouldnt existttttttttt.

besides, i think NASA computers probably don’t erupt in flames as often as vape-pens, right? So what’s the point? idk, im arguing with myself.

I think people say it’s just because of the batteries. I dont care. you’re just giving me the specific reason why the shark eats me, but the shark still eats me. even if “they dont actually like the taste of human flesh.”

am i going all over the place? basically, i just dont care about anything that explodes, that’s all im trying to get at. i dont want things to explode, and id rather live in a “primitive” world where no-one ever had to worry about their skinny jeans suddenly catching fire, or plastic shards being blasted through their spinal cord.

“bUT UR ON A COMPUTER, IT COULD SUDDENLY———————————————- leave me alone, if there was a “chewing gum” alternative to typing words on the internet id be doing it. i cant just hand-write a journal to deliver to people the very important philosophical idea that “explosions shouldn’t be tolerated.” i know im crazy for thinking that, sorry.

say something :)

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