daily haiku/mental prison break

i think twitter turns people in to the worst humans imaginable, and i do not consider redditors to be humans at all.

trash is trash is trash is trash

I don’t even have a twitter or reddit account, but im addicted to going on them and reading hot takes from really really super duper smart mega-geniuses, to make myself mad. i couldnt figure out how to block them with the hosts file, until i finally looked it up and found ridiculously large lists of addresses to use, and it SEEEEEEEEMS like it’s worked now 😭 for the longest time, no-matter what i did, i could always still get onto the sites. i ….what’s it called? flushed my dns cache. uhhh.. from the command prompt and cleared the cache on the browser–look, im not going to pretend to be a networking expert. i just want something that i think is really simple. and i was horrified to see someone’s response to a question about it being that altering your hosts file can even be a security issue because i– i have no idea. but you know what I KNOW is an issue? me being allowed to read anything that a redditor has to say, or seeing the carefully-curated “trending” list on twitter.

i cant bELIEVE how hard it is to just make it so i cant go on certain websites. and you know what? i bet in a few months or something, one or both will start working again.

twitter is entirely without value, and reddit is useful for vidya, but at what cost? what if i accidentally stumble upon someone’s really-enlightened and extremely empathetic political opinions? not worth it, at all.

but is it too late for me? tomorrow will be my first day as a man free from hashtags and upvotes, can i make it count?

“ill paint something good tomorrow, i swear”