I Love China Almost As Much As I Hate Twitter

everyone moans about China having a “social credit” system, but that already exists in the United States. The difference is that you can’t check your score here, so it’s just 24/7 psychological warfare as you’re gaslighted and shadowbanned by anonymous lizards wearing people suits and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Except delete your accounts already.

Last month I deleted my decade-old Facebook account–the only social network account I had left. They wait a month to “fully” delete it so you have time to change your mind and continue being milked for free advertising data, but I did it. I stayed strong, and yeeted it from my life once and for all just in time for the presidential election.

I never used Twitter much to begin with, but it’s exactly the same. Everything’s the same.

I made a new super-secret, “friend”less fb account just to keep using Messenger (single conversations are human; open-letters and screaming into the wind is not) and retaining control of my stupid page connected to this site for now, but I’m never going to be scrolling through a feed ever again. Never ever.

What else was I —————————– i dont know. everything’s just so tiring. social media was the greatest mistake of mankind. i know, an incredibly hot take, but you also know it’s true but you’re addicted to time-wasting and memes that don’t improve your life.

imagine your typical twitter user. incredible, right? i know exactly what you imagined. not even human. a vicious, spiteful little goblin creature. why do we do this to ourselves? is this just the natural state of man when he doesn’t have to worry about eating or being eaten anymore?

i just ate a serving and a half of white fudge-covered pretzels. can i still really say that im a human?

well im more human at least because i’ve finally managed to hop in a lifeboat off the sinking ship of “Spending Time Playing Pretend for the Attention of Strangers”.

I really think social networks have lost the “Mandate of Heaven”. That’s a China thing right? Anyway, people are getting sick to death of living in online mental hells of constant-competition and soon enough everyone will realize that I was right all along–people will start communicating only with their close friends and families again instead of shouting at strangers on the internet.

no, dont worry, writing a stupid blog post is WAY different. i think it is, right? it’s not like i have a friends list on here, there’s no — well, there’s post “Likes”, that’s true. you can’t get rid of them, that’s not my fault. leave me alone.

anyway, new stuff coming soon. havent been feeling well, but ill feel better soon. God bleessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, playa