Age of Calamity Predictive Review

Guaranteed Better Than BOTW


Did Breath of the Mild have a nubile Purah? No? I didn’t think so.

The massive demo of Age of Calamity, was impressive. The combat mixes typical Warriors combat with just about everything that you can do in BOTW.

I’ve been seeing some brainlets say it’s a “simplified” version of BOTW’s combat. I can’t blame them too much for how wrong they are, because I know how video game journalists play games. But here’s what I have noticed in Age of Calamity:

  1. You can do everything in Age of Calamity that you can do in BOTW.
  2. You can do more.

Mind-blowing, right? But seriously, it’s actually true. Putting aside the typical flashy “Warriors” combos, here’s what else you can do in AoC:

  • shield parry
  • dodge & flurry attack
  • use the paraglider (wall-jumps and certain attacks that put you in the air make up for not having BOTW’s exploitable terrain)
  • fire your bow in slow-motion in the air
  • critical headshots
  • shield surf (can now actually be used in combat)
  • Cryosis (can now actually be used in combat to block charges and freeze enemies in water)
  • Magnesis (can now actually pull weapons from enemies, instead of being able to slowly move boulders)
  • Stasis (now lasts more than 1 second on enemies, and affects entire groups)
  • Bombs (no longer useless beyond low-tier enemies)
  • use all three elemental rods (fire, lightning, ice)

And that was all just in the demo, with just one character–Link. Impa can make clones, ride on ice– I won’t even get into it. She’s great. Are we missing anything? Oh I’m sorry, I lied. You actually CAN’T chuck your weapons anymore, because they’re no-longer disposable pieces of trash, they’re there to stay with you for as long as you want them to be. They can be upgraded or sold to a blacksmith–apparently the only Hylian professionals who did not survive the Calamity.

You know I once actually saw someone defend BOTW’s miserable weapon-fragility system by saying “no-one would throw their swords without it!” as if sword-chucking was so crucial to the game’s experience. Sure I have no attachment to my weapons and treasure-hunting is pointless, but that’s a small price to pay for “being encouraged to throw my weapons”.

The fragile-weapons were a mistake, and everyone knows it on some level. Geniuses like me understand why it fails on every level (including the “it forces you to be creative” meme), but even the poor, long-suffering lay gamer knows and says “It’s just not fun.”

From previews, Age of Calamity is boasting an impressive list of weapons for Link. I think I even saw a Zora Sword in there. That was one of my favorite weapons in BOTW. It looks really cool. And I never, ever went out of my way to get one because I knew that it’d just break anyway.

Apparently in the past, Link knew how to maintain his weapons, and it’ll be nice to have a reliable weapon in your hand. Like you’ve always had in Zelda games.

lmao oh man i just thought of a really funny fan theory to write ooohh hoho hoho hohohoo im sorry that has nothing to do with this review. –note to self, write that thing)

Oh, what else? The cutscenes are pretty cool so far. I’m glad to see that it’s not just a “prequel” but an alternate timeline. This nicely gets rid of the “we already know what’s going to happen” issue. Sure, we still *probably* know what’s going to happen, but now it’ll actually be a bit of a journey, right? The Japanese voices are good. I’m too scared to listen to the English ones. Am I forgetting anything? Impa is great. The End.

It’s gonna be an 8/10, calling it. 9/10 if you can play as Purah. 10/10 if it inspires Nintendo to add a blacksmith in BOTW2.

Or at least also extra storage in your house.