>It took 10 freaking seconds just to load this stupid post-creator so i could write some stupid text and a link.

>It takes me less than one second to add anything I want on neocities in html. you just WRITE.

i’ve had more fun editing text on a blank white page on neocities than i have in YEA– well i guess ive never really had “fun” on wordpress.

I know it looks like crap at the time of this writing, but it’s GOING to look nice, and it’s going to have everything i want and need, and nothing that I don’t want and nothing that I don’t need.

im tired of wordpress. i dont need a hundred-thousand stupid options and different type of “blocks” and all this——-im not going to curse. uh, that’s all. I — I CANT EVEN MOVE MY CURSOR AROUND THIS PAGE WITHOUT A BUNCH OF DIFFERENT BLOCKS AND LAYOUT OPTIONS POPPING UP. LEAVE ME ALONE

so that’s that. wow, is this my LAST-EVER wordpress post? very probably, unless im forgetting anything. i dont think i am.

bookmark the new site. God bless.